In this dark and sweaty room, we put our cell phones away, play loud music and just let it all go for 45 minutes. For us, that can be the perfect reset button for our souls.

Have you ever been in a group workout class where the person next to you wouldn’t get off their phone when you were trying to focus on your workout?  Perhaps someone in class wore too much perfume and it gave you a headache or worse, they came to class after not having showered in what seemed like weeks?  We’d like to put down a few items in writing for everyone’s own awareness so that the group exercise experience will be one that is pleasant and allows all riders in the group to unplug and have a great experience.

Once class begins, please do not talk to your neighbor. This is distracting to other riders and to the instructor.

Absolutely no cell phones! Joyryder classes are meant for riders to take 45 minutes to escape the crazy “plugged in” world we experience everyday.

Please don’t chew gum.

All personal belongings should be placed in lockers and not brought into spin room. We need to keep the space in the spin room clear for the safety of all riders.

Please be aware of how you may affect riders around you if you: are wearing too much perfume or need to shower.

Follow the instruction of the instructor to the best of your ability. If you need to sit down, slow down, or stop, DO NOT hesitate to do what is best for your own physical capabilities. The idea is to have fun! Please don’t come to a Joyryder class and perform your own curated workout…the gym is the best place for that.

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Self Awareness is key for your best workout

Before your ride, make sure you are adequately hydrated and have enough energy to sustain yourself throughout the entirety of the workout.  30 minutes prior to a workout is a great time to grab a handful of nuts or nibble on something nutritious.

Indoor cycling is a physically intense experience so being in tune with your body is very important.  If you don’t feel well during a class, be mindful of what you need.  You can excuse yourself and our instructors and front desk staff will be happy to assist you.  Although we want you to come to Joyryder and push yourself physically, mentally and even spiritually, we understand that your health and wellness is the most important thing.  Know your limits and as with any physical fitness routine, it is best to consult with your doctor first.