Zander Stefani - Instructor

Songs from my Joyryde

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Zander was born in Toronto, Canada, and grew up across the eastern United States. He spent a big portion of his youth in Connecticut where he was introduced to the concept of spinning. At his first spin class he made a secret wish to eventually teach; it took a few years to manifest… but his wish came true! He studied painting at Savannah College of Art and Design, and graduated in 2017, after which he moved to Asheville. His classes will be therapeutic, on a physical, spiritual and emotional level. His goal is to help you realize how beautiful you truly are!

  1. Three favorite artists
    1. Tame Impala
    2.  Kurt Vile
    3.  Nujabes
  1. Something you may not know about me
    1. I am a full fledged artist! You can see my work on my website: 
    2. It is my mission in life to spread the awareness of love and the infinite power of the moment. We are all here on this nonsensical planet, and have got to make the most of it! 
    3. I learned to ride a two wheel bicycle when I was only two years old!
  1. Three things that bring me joy
    1. Sharing intimate moments with others. Expressing my deep truths and being a warm shoulder for others to share their own. 
    2. Being alone in nature. Whenever I’m feeling down or anxious, I know I can step into a forest and find the resolve I am seeking. 
    3. Expressing myself! I think it is a fundamental human trait to express ourselves in any way. I try to do it as much as I can. Doing so makes my soul shine bright!