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Songs from my Joyryde

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Co-Owner and Instructor


Dana is a seasoned indoor cycling instructor who’s filled rooms with dumb jokes and loud rock music for over a decade in both Los Angeles and New York City. She’s led packs in little mom and pop studios to big dog franchises like SoulCycle in NYC, and everything in between. She grew up on the north east coast excelling in team sports and wanted to take that passion and big energy to the bike where she could share it with others. Dana’s deep love for music and background in the creative arts, allow for carefully curated playlists that support the journey aspect of a Joyryde. A Joyryde with Dana is like taking a portal both somewhere else and deeper into yourself all at once. It’s putting on your red shoes and dancing the blues with Bowie and climbing the stairway to heaven with Zeppelin….all the while bathing in purple rain with Prince. She highly encourages singing along and letting your hair down because if you can’t do that, what’s the point? She’s thrilled to finally run her own studio and spread some Joy in this beautiful mountain town.

  1. Three favorite artists
    1. 1. The Beatles
    2. 2. David Bowie
    3. 3. Elton John/Queen (It’s a tie! Go team England!)
  1. Something you may not know about me
    1. 1. I wrote, produced, and starred in a one person show called “FRANCIS, Somebody to Love” that had sold out runs in both Los Angeles and New York City in the spring and fall of 2015.
    2. 2. I played ice hockey at Colgate University and was fortunate enough to skate at Madison Square garden three times as a teenager.
    3. 3. I painted houses and offices in Los Angeles for about six years. My boss was Ringo Starr’s roadie and played drums for the monkey’s briefly. He also sang back up for Paul McCartney a couple of times in the studio.He looks like Mick Jagger and Iggy Pop rolled into one. I learned a lot about rock and roll from that long haired dude.
  1. Three things that bring me joy
    1. 1. Creative expression
    2. 2. Listening to my record collection.
    3. 3. Cooking and watching murder shows with Patty, Rafferty, and Finn. (Our feline sons)