Our Story

Every class has a beginning, a middle, and an end, with a thematic idea – like a journey through music and sweat. We are a bunch of people with different backgrounds coming together to find some joy and connection in our lives.

The Joyryder dream spurred into action after Patty and Dana visited Asheville for a wedding in July 2016 and instantly fell in love with this magical and weird growing mountain town. These partners in crime spent a dozen years each in Los Angeles (and a few in NYC for Dana) and knew it was finally time for Joyryder to lay its roots. They packed their bags and hit the road with their feline sons, Rafferty and Finn, to spread some spiritual adrenaline in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

With over a decade of experience as an indoor cycling instructor from the east to west coast, including SoulCycle in NYC, Dana wanted to share the magic and transformation that can come from a great rhythm ride experience. Her late and truly great mother inspired the name, as she embodied music to the core and her own namesake, JOY.

While Dana’s background is in the arts and indoor cycling, Patty has a long history running one of the most renowned country clubs in the country. A Texan bird nerd and nature lover at heart, Patty knew Asheville would not only be a wonderful place for Joyryder, but also a place to call home. With her own unique skill set and love for community, Patty knew Joyryder was where her heart could grow and prosper.

Patty and Dana are really excited and focused on creating a space where spirits can be lifted up through the power of music, community, and of course, JOY.

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